We are thrilled to have made AHF’s Top 10 Affordable Housing Developers of 2020! It’s takes our whole team working together to make this happen!

Our 2020 Rankings:


Kittle Property Group, Inc. is proud to be part of the National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) Top 50 list for 2021. Though 2020 was a difficult year for everyone on both a personal and professional level, our team emphasized our “3C Values” of community, commitment, and culture. We continue to work in our traditional markets throughout the Midwest, but much of our growth is coming from our commitment to expand into the Southeast and Southwest over the last few years.

KPG has long recognized the value of vertical integration by combining development, design, construction, and operations under one umbrella – a priority that is supported by our ranking in the Top 25 of both Developers (#21) and Builders (#24) in NMHC’s 2021 rankings. We had a record breaking year in our construction book of business, and we are well positioned as the demand for multi-family housing continues to accelerate through 2021.

2020 saw us work through a variety of challenges, including new worker safety issues due to the pandemic, rising construction costs, the shut-downs, new guidelines that differed across all of our locations, many of our residents losing their income source, our team members juggling school closures and so much more. We are inspired by their tenacity and creativity in pushing through these rapidly changing conditions. We could not have achieved these successes without our people- their collaborative team effort is what put, and will keep, us on this list!

We are so proud to have made AHF’s Top 10 Affordable Housing Developers of 2019! It’s takes our whole team working together to make this happen!

Our 2019 Rankings:

  • 6th Largest Affordable Housing Developer
  • 11th Largest Affordable Housing Owner

You can read the article in Affordable Housing Finance here.

We are so proud to have made AHF’s Top 10 Affordable Housing Developers of 2019!

Our 2019 Rankings:


HKP recently won the inaugural Scaling Up Culture of the Year Award given by Scaling Up and Emplify!!!  The purpose of the award is to recognize those companies who have found a way to scale growing businesses while prioritizing their people and culture.

All applicants took Emplify’s proprietary 55-question engagement survey to set the data-driven baseline for each company. In order to move on as a finalist, each company had to have at least 50% participation. Finalists were chosen based on the top engagement scores, which represented a diverse group of industries. The finalists were then asked to submit an essay, highlighting how they tie their employee engagement initiatives to their greater business strategy. A panel of judges from both Scaling Up and Emplify reviewed the applications and ranked each applicant on the quality of their submission. Of the 20 applications, only four companies received the award!

When completing our application, we were asked to describe the actions we’ve taken to support an employee-focused culture. Our response included the following details:

  • Implementing a Paid FMLA Leave Program to increase employee morale and offer economic security to families during significant life events and give employees dealing with such events the peace of mind they are not in jeopardy of losing their jobs.
  • Encouraging managers to share team highlights in the President’s weekly email. This allows for quick recognition/feedback that will be seen by those at the highest levels.
  • We have also added a “Week in HKP Pictures” section to the President’s weekly email. We are hoping this will do a few things- put faces to names, show the fun we have at work, and encourage others to get creative with their work.
  • Our President makes every effort to visit each of our 150 locations (across 18 states) at least once a year. This allows him to meet our team members and speak with each of them, regardless of how far they are from Indianapolis.
  • We have invested in learning and development in different ways and at different levels. We have made great strides in communicating training opportunities, in increasing our offerings and in making sure we are offering the development that our team members need to do their work.

Anyone working on employee engagement will tell you that the work is always evolving and never complete- that’s makes the work both challenging and rewarding! We have accomplished a lot this year and it’s wonderful to have those efforts recognized by Emplify and Scaling Up!