Your Green Home

Benefits of Living in a Green Home

Green certified buildings are built to minimize their footprint on the land. By using green practices, builders are able to conserve the natural environment, materials and energy to then pass along to occupants. As an occupant, we hope you will become informed about your green home so you can continue to use the resources wisely.

Environmental Benefits

  • Water Usage
    • Water shortages are always a concern. Our buildings use fixtures and technology to reduce the amount of water used, while still allowing you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Energy Usage
    • Our buildings lower your reliance on fossil fuels and your energy needs, resulting in fewer carbon emissions, by doing the following:
    • Selecting sites that rely less on personal transportation and are located closer to community
    • Installing more efficient HVAC equipment
    • Ensuring that your home is well insulated

  • Land & Landscaping
    • Our construction team uses erosion prevention practices and waste reduction efforts throughout the building process
    • Use of native, drought-tolerant plants promotes healthy, low-maintenance landscaping
  • Recycled Material/Waste Management
    • Smart construction practices, along with the use of recycled content materials, reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills

Economic Benefits

  • Energy Costs
    • The most recognizable advantages of a green certified home are the energy saving features
    • Our residents can expect to see lower energy and water bills
    • These features include:
    • Insulation
    • Better windows
    • A higher level of sealing
    • Energy efficient water and HVAC equipment to minimize energy use
  • Maintenance Costs
    • Green certified buildings incur lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the structure due to:
    • Well framed, sealed buildings
    • Proper ventilation and air circulation
    • The use of durable materials

Personal Benefits

  • Increased Air Quality
    • Green certified buildings have better ventilation through the use of high-efficiency HVAC systems along with a fresh air ventilation system
    • Throughout construction we review the sealants, primers and paints to ensure they are low VOC materials, keeping harmful chemicals that are linked to many health problems, out of your apartment
    • Proper building practices help keep moisture issues from entering your apartment, helping prevent particles and mold from entering your apartment
  • A Comfortable Home
    • Green certified buildings have fully sealed exteriors, keeping drafts out, your temperature just where you want it and fresh air throughout your home

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